Where the fuck is Snort Ramen???

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Hi guys. Planet of the Crepes here. You’re probably wondering where the hell we are and why we’ve been neglecting the website. Hamdog is still busy growing his hair out and is balls deep in his fantasy football league, while I’ll been busy changing diapers every 5 minutes and reading back issues of Axe Cop.

So here’s the skinny: we’re quite aware that this site is getting too “wordy”, and yeah… it looks boring as fuck. We had no idea that we’d would get regular readers and actually bust out over 100 foul mouth reviews about junk food. So now we’re thinking about how to make the site more engaging. We have some rad ideas, it’s just finding the time to do it. But when we incorporate our ideas… it will be amazeballs. So for the time being, feel free to peruse the archives and enjoy what we’ve already done (trust me, there’s enough reading there to keep you occupied for a while).

Oh, and our reaction to the whole Hostess thing… let’s just say we’re really pushing for Little Debbie to buy up the recipes and become the Voltron of snack cakes. That would be all sorts of “shit yeah!”.

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