The After-Cereal Milk

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cinnamon toast crunchThere are certain kinds of cereal that end up creating delicious milk to drink after you’ve eaten all the cereal.  Don’t act like you don’t drink the fucking milk out of the bowl. These cereals are the kind you want to purposely pour way too much milk in (the truth is, i’ve never minded soggy cereal) just so you can get a tasty post meal refreshment. Here are some of my favorites.


  • Fruity Pebbles – Honorable mention goes to fruity pebbles for making my milk red and pink and tasting like Quik Strawberry.
  • Oreo O’s – Oreos + Milk.  You’d have to be a retard to not understand the results from this post cereal milk.
  • Cocoa Pebbles – Of all the chocolate cereals, it’s mainly a toss up between Coco Puffs, Count Chocula, and Cocoa Pebbles. But the pebbles leave the milk with the most chocolate left behind.
  • Rice Krispies TREATS – This cereal left a generous amount of sugar in the milk because of the marshmallows binding the krispies together.  We’re not talking about the same marshmallows as Lucky Charms or Count Chocula. I’m talking sticky icky marshmallow goo that dissolves a lot easier in the milk giving it a much sweeter taste.
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch – This is hands down the best after cereal milk.  Nothing like a mouthful of thick sugary cinnamon milk.  Just thinking about it now makes me think I should try a White Russian with this post cereal milk.  Maybe I have a new Stoner (drunkard) Concoction lined up.

Fellow Ramen heads, what are some of your favorite milk-after-cereal concoctions?



2 Responses to “The After-Cereal Milk”

  1. PlanetOfTheCrepes

    I’m very partial to Count Chocula, Fruity Pebbles, and Lucky Charms after-cereal milk.

  2. Dave

    Lucky Charms milk is the BEST. Also there’s a dairy bar that has this concept where you can get the milk steeped with all kinds of things (sweet cereal, candy, etc) and they make it into ice cream, cakes, etc. It’s called Momofuku.


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