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barcel takis bbq picanteIt was a miracle I made it to work today without running out of gas.  Why?  Because I’m an idiot and I left my wallet at the office last night.  So when the gas light pops on and you’re 20 miles from work, and going 5mph because some idiot decided to flip a metro bus into the HOV lane, all you can really do is pray to the bacon-egg cthulhu that you don’t get stranded on 290 in 100 degree temperature.  And you know what? He came through for me today.  I made it to the office to get the wallet, and successfully pulled into the gas station running on fumes.  As I was tebowing at the gas station to thank the bacon-egg cthulhu I decided to reward myself with a snack.  As if sparing my gas tank wasn’t enough, the almighty BEC has blessed me with a new flavor from Takis.  Seems like a no brainer, BBQ picante, two things I really like, and Takis has proven its self worth at this point.  Fuck yes, I’m gonna eat the fuck outta these bad boys. I eat a couple with much anticipation, and I chew slower and slower, I’m growing more and more pissed off. I taste plain corn chips with very little seasoning.  God dammit.  This shit sucks.BBQ Picante Takis Meme  The tiny hint of BBQ I do taste is more of a tangy sweet Carolina style BBQ, which I do like, there’s just not enough of it.  You would expect more of a kick out of Takis, and this is absolutely unacceptable. I was thoroughly disappointed that the only thing I gained from this is the taste of burnt corn in my mouth.  Now I have a huge bag of this burnt corn, and I think the only way I could eat them is if I had a half a gallon of french onion dip.  They should remove these from the shelves immediately.  Either that or rename the flavor to “Sarah Plain & Tall”.  I guess the bacon-egg cthulhu proved once again that He can giveth, and He can taketh away.


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