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Snort Ramen To Appear Weekly on

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Snort Ramen has been asked to write a weekly guest column over at! Our articles should appear every Friday… that is, unless HamDog gets too busy hunting for new Four Loko flavors, or if I get too wrapped up debating on what color to paint my garage floor. If you’re a comic book nerd, [...]

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Join the Snort Ramen Comics Crux League

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Hey crackers, you may have heard us talk about the totally rad new (and free to register) comic book hub site called Comics Crux. This a great site created by ultra comic book nerds (and good friends) that live comics all day every day, and want to expand the comic community by bringing together artists, [...]


Snort Ramen’s 100th Post

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100 posts… that’s a lot of potty-mouth junkfood reviews. For our first triple-digit post we drop these words of wisdom on our readers: 1. We CAN believe it’s not butter. 2. If you are against pulp, you need your shins cracked with a hockey stick. 3. We really really really like chocolate and peanut butter. [...]

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Welcome to Snort Ramen!

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Congratulations! You’ve found Snort Ramen… your friend in the junk food review business. We’re here to tell you exactly why should should put this horrible-for-you, yet tasty crap in your system. You only live once, better clog those arteries while you can. We’ll be reviewing tasty beverages, salty snacks, cavity creators, and spicy food hell. [...]