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Stoner Concoction: Fried Shit

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Well, not fried SHIT, but you know, fried stuff.  By shit I mean, junk food. Find some shit, fry it, dump some powdered sugar on it, and eat the fuck out of it. It’s Rodeo time here in Houston, Texas.  We here at Snort Ramen are native Texans, so when we hear the words “Rodeo [...]

cookies and creme twix

RetroFeast: Cookies-n-Creme Twix

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We all know and love our Twix candy bars.  They’re a mouthful of soft chewy delicious caramel chocolatey goodness, you can’t get much better than that, right?  Well if you remember the early 90′s, you’ll remember that Twix actually launched a campaign of different flavors to experiment with.  Aside from the original Caramel flavor, the [...]

oreo cakesters

Oreo Cakesters

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Oreos. Cake. Oreos plus cake. Is this the what folks at the Large Hadron Collider expect to create when smashing particles together at the speed of light? Look at that fucking box. Look at it! The cake part taunts you by saying “I’m two pieces of cake, but I have the flavor of an Oreo. [...]