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sun drop

Sun Drop

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Sun Drop, a true ray of sunshine brought to you buy the Beverage Gods that are the Dr.Pepper Snapple group.  For those of you who don’t know, this product is the new Walter White in the citrus soda game, which means it’s up against the king pins Mountain Dew and Mello Yello.  All 3 are [...]

marley mellow tea

Bob Marley’s Mellow Mood Tea

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Hitting up the gas station by the house one night to get a tasty beverage, I came across Marley’s Mellow Mood tea. I thought to myself, “Self, are you seriously looking at a Bob Marley beverage in this here gas station cooler? Self, you like Bob Marley, you like tea, and goddamnit you like citrus… [...]

mello yello

Mello Yello

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Ahhh… Mello Yello. Or if you live in rural Indiana it’s Meller Yeller. Sprite, Mountain Dew, and Sierra Mist move aside. There’s a citrus titan on the loose and crushes all in it’s path (yes, even Crush soda). So what is it about Mello Yello that makes it so awesome? Let’s do some comparing, shall [...]

Fanta Pineapple

Fanta Pineapple and Chester’s Chili Cheese Fries

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My first review will be a combo.  Pictured is Fanta Pineapple and Chester’s Chili Cheese Fries.  I don’t drink pineapple soda often enough.  Probably because I’m not a huge soda drinker these days, but I usually forget that pineapple soda exists.  It’s one of those rare breeds that you kinda lump in the same category [...]