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Herr’s Horseradish and Cheddar Potato Chips

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Sup Ramenites! Long time no see! Things have been rather hectic at the Snort Ramen camp. HamDog has been busy trying to console the entire city of Houston over Matt Shaub, and I’ve been balls deep in the NHL. But we have a review for you today… BEHOLD! I’m here today to talk to you [...]

Pour a Colt45 in your Dorito bag for the ultimate experience.

Doritos Locos Tacos

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You wake up, you scroll through all the gibberish text messages you sent your ex-girlfriend the night before, you face palm for a second… then it hits you. You have to drop a gnarly deuce so bad you now have Gumby legs. You basically slide your Jell-o like body across the floor, walk through walls, [...]


Pringles Xtreme Buffalo Blazin’ Wing Chips

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Pringles… you gone done fucked up this time. You pulled that shit where you just stared at me when I walked into the gas station… trying to lure me with your lies. You sit there all like “I’m a can of robust spicy wing sauce chips. I’m Xtreme, and I want to party on your [...]


Ruffles Ultimate Tangy Honey Mustard Chips

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Stardate 72856.2. We have returned the Starship Chilifries to the Rufflonian exoplanet of the Orion-Cygnus Arm in star system M52. We were hesitant to return after our last failed mission to find awesome snacks, but The United Rufflonian Federation insisted that we come back. According to the Federation, Baconcheddarloadia was a rogue city where the losers win, [...]

private selection buffalo chips

Private Selection Spicy Wings Kettle Chips

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Let’s start with a rant: Chip makers… we need to have a talk. We vote to stop calling chips with Buffalo sauce flavoring anything with the word “wing” in it. If these were supposed to taste like wings, then I would taste some goddamn chicken. I have never tasted chicken in any type of “Buffalo [...]


Snort Ramen To Appear Weekly on

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Snort Ramen has been asked to write a weekly guest column over at! Our articles should appear every Friday… that is, unless HamDog gets too busy hunting for new Four Loko flavors, or if I get too wrapped up debating on what color to paint my garage floor. If you’re a comic book nerd, [...]


The Fine Art of Fat-Kidding

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Fat-kidding. This is not a term that you use when you look at your fat-ass in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re skinny. It’s quite the opposite. This is a term that Team Snort Ramen uses rather often. The definition of fat-kidding is: Fat-Kidding (verb) \’fat-kid-ding\ – When one reaches the ass-end of a [...]

potato chip sandwich

Stoner Concoction: Chips On Your Goddamn Sandwich

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You read the header right… chips on your goddamn sandwich. That means (unless you’re in the UK) you pull a motherfucking Breakfast Club all Allison Reynold’s style on your sandwich. First off, sandwiches are aces. They’re whatever you want slapped between some bread. The possibilities are endless. But really, how can you make a sandwich [...]

zapps spicy cajun crawtators

Zapp’s Spicy Cajun Crawtators

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It is with great pleasure that I share with you today one of my favorite snacks of all time.  I present you with Zapp’s Spicy Cajun Crawtators, the single best potato chip snack on the market.  If you’re unfamiliar with Zapp’s, they are a Louisiana company that started marketing their products with their Cajun heritage.  [...]


Ruffles Tapatio Limon Chips

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Our last Ruffles review left us severely disappointed. And by disappointed, I mean we got so pissed off we annihilated an entire city over it. But today, Ruffles have redeemed themselves tenfold. While we didn’t make any galactic trips to the M52 system of the Orion-Cygnus arm, the gas station down the road was able [...]

BBQ Picante Takis Meme

Takis – BBQ Picante

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It was a miracle I made it to work today without running out of gas.  Why?  Because I’m an idiot and I left my wallet at the office last night.  So when the gas light pops on and you’re 20 miles from work, and going 5mph because some idiot decided to flip a metro bus [...]

Tim's Cascade Style Jalapeno Potato Chips

Tim’s Cascade Style Jalapeno Chips

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I took a last minute trip to Portland Oregon last week to hang with friends and see the sites.  I had been to Portland before on business but never really got a chance to see the amazing outdoors and awesome food this place had to offer.  Lots of great restaurants and food carts all over [...]

ruffles loaded bacon cheddar potato chips

Ruffles Loaded Bacon & Cheddar Potato Chips

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Stardate 65931.8. We are cruising the galaxy in the Starship Chilifries on a search for potato chips with robust flavor that is unbeknownst to man. As we cruise at light speed through the Orion-Cygnus Arm of the Milky Way, we stumbled across the Rufflonian exoplanet orbiting star system M52. The planet is very geologically active with regions [...]


Mike-Sell’s Smoky Mountain Barbecue Chips

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Until I moved north of the Mason-Dixon, I had never heard of Mike-Sell’s brand potato chips. They’re super cheap and super delicious. Mike-Sell’s makes everything from regular potato chips to the evil Cheeto twin known as the Puffcorn Delight. If you’re able to try anything by these guys… go forth and tantalize your taste buds. You won’t [...]

kettle jalapeno chips

Kettle Brand Jalapeno Chips

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Jalapeno is one of the best flavors known to man. Why you ask? Because it makes you EXPERIENCE your food. A long time ago I saw some dude perform solo at a pizza joint and he told us crowd folk “This next song is called ‘Hot Sauce Goddamn’. I wrote this song because I love [...]

cheetos salsa con queso

Cheetos Salsa con Queso

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I see you, Cheeto bag.  You don’t have to swing your dick in my face every time I walk in this fucking store.  I haven’t been avoiding you because I don’t like you, Cheeto bag.  I’ve been avoiding you because, well, I was just trying to space out all the Tex-Mex snacks, you know how [...]

sun chips garden salsa

Sun Chips – Garden Salsa

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Ramen Snorters, time for a simple rehash of a tested and true stonerrific snack.  The garden salsa Sun Chips, if you don’t already know, is truly a force to be reckoned with.  I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that everyone likes Sun Chips, but no one will claim Sun Chips as their favorite [...]


Utz Cheese Balls

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My cheese balls come in a fucking barrel. That’s right… clocking in at just over 2 lbs, Utz presents us with what we here at SnortRamen call the Tub of Cheesy Doom. You know, I used to be a Planters kind of guy, but 1. I recently discovered they were discontinued 2. these have more of [...]


RetroFeast: Doritos Late Night All Nighter Cheeseburger

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If you’ve stumbled across this site, it’s likely that you’re the type of person that puts their fries inside their burger.  Maybe when you were a kid you put your Fritos inside your sandwich.  In 2009 when Doritos released a line of snacks under the name Late Night, you were able to reverse the roles and taste [...]

Doritos Salsa Rio

RetroFeast: Salsa Rio Doritos

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Back when Alf and Dinoriders ruled the Earth, Doritos unleashed the almighty Salsa Rio flavored tortilla chips. Now we’re not talking about the dumbass spicy nacho tomato 2012 limited edition throwback Salsa Rio chips. We’re in our pimped out DeLorean traveling back to the late 80s to experience the real deal… so pour your Colt45 [...]

doritos jacked

Doritos Jacked: Enchilada Supreme / Smoky Chipotle BBQ

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So as my partner-in-crime HamDog explained earlier today, there’s two new flavors of Doritos available at your local Kroger to try FREE between 3pm – 8pm. That’s right, FREE… the one ingredient that makes every food better. After perusing online for the participating Kroger’s in my area, it didn’t show that the Kroger down the [...]

doritos jacked

FREE Doritos Today!

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If you’re in a town with a Kroger, then be sure to head down there today between 3pm and 8pm.  Why, you ask? They’re giving away a free fucking bag of chips, that’s fucking why.  And what I’d do if I were you, is try something new, like the new Doritos Jacked.  Which come in [...]