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Pringles Xtreme Buffalo Blazin’ Wing Chips

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Pringles… you gone done fucked up this time. You pulled that shit where you just stared at me when I walked into the gas station… trying to lure me with your lies. You sit there all like “I’m a can of robust spicy wing sauce chips. I’m Xtreme, and I want to party on your [...]

private selection buffalo chips

Private Selection Spicy Wings Kettle Chips

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Let’s start with a rant: Chip makers… we need to have a talk. We vote to stop calling chips with Buffalo sauce flavoring anything with the word “wing” in it. If these were supposed to taste like wings, then I would taste some goddamn chicken. I have never tasted chicken in any type of “Buffalo [...]

bacon ranch chicken

Eckrich Bacon Lovers Bacon Ranch Flavored Chicken Breast

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It was that time of the week again, and that meant picking out lunch meat for work lunches. Mrs. PotC came home from the grocery store and gifted me with a package of lunch meat labeled “BACON RANCH CHCKN”. Well, shit yeah! This stuff is rather tasty (yes, it tastes like bacon and ranch) and [...]

chicken wings

Motherfuckin’ Chicken Wings

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One of the greatest things in life is chicken wings. It’s chicken in sauce. Sure you don’t get as much meat as, let’s say, a turkey leg… but they’re damn fun to eat. There’s two parts to typical wings: the drumette and the wing. The drumette is more dipping friendly, while the wing probably gets [...]

the fat darrell

Stoner Concoction: The Fat Darrell

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Originating at Rutgers University, a poor college student couldn’t afford everything he was craving, so he came up with a genius idea to put all the side items he wanted on a roll, hoping to just get charged for a sandwich.  He had them put chicken tenders, french fries, fried mozzarella cheese sticks, and marinara [...]

nongshim drumstix

Nong Shim – Chile Lime Kikiriki Drumsticks

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A long time ago I had this brilliant idea when I was eating fried chicken one day. See, I’m the kind that believes in the Extra Crispy, not Original Recipe chicken. I absolutely love fried chicken skin. So my bright idea was to have chicken skin singles. That’s fucking right… they’d be packaged like American [...]