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Doritos – Roulette

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You know something’s gotta be good if you have to post after abandoning your site for over 8 months. Folks, we come back from the depths to present the Dorito’s Roulette chips. They’re nacho cheese Doritos with the odd hot chip in there. On the packaging we’re just casually warned that “Some chips are very [...]


White Castle Crispy Jalapeño Cheese Sliders

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It’s been a while since I’ve had White Castle. Every time I drive around the west side of Bloomington and see White Castle, I joke to myself that I’m going to get 20 sliders and knuckle down with no fucks to give. But there’s that part of my gut that reminds me “Dude, you HAVE [...]


Taco Bell Beefy 5 Layer Burrito

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You wake up early in the morning and you’re packing your lunch. It’s been a minute since you went to the grocery store, so you find yourself packing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the ass-end of an old bag of chips, that goddamned apple that you know you’re never going to eat, and a [...]


Pizza Power Punch

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If you don’t like pizza, you’re a horrible excuse of a human being. Seriously… if you’re reading this right now and saying to yourself “Well, I don’t like pizza and I’m just fucking awesome.” then you need to go lie on the couch with a popsicle in your butt. Pizza is one of the greatest inventions [...]