Stoner Concoction: The Fizz

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the fizz ice cream float cupLast night I watched a rerun episode of ABC’s Shark Tank. In this particular episode there was an entrepreneur by the name of David Chodosh, a 51 year old toy maker who showed off a really neat product called “The Fizz”. It’s a fun product that combines the divine combination of soda pop and ice cream.  This gadget is a plastic container that has a screw attachment at the bottom which enables it to lock on the top of an open 20 ounce soda bottle. Fill the Fizz container with ice cream,  slide the straw in the bottle, screw it on top, squeeze the pop into the container mixing it with the ice cream!  I haven’t tried one out yet, but it really looks like a neat way to enjoy a root beer float!  Unfortunately, the Sharks didn’t invest in the Fizz because they didn’t like the numbers, but David assured that the Fizz will keep existing.  You can order from his website here: Snort Ramen salutes you Mr.David Chodosh, thank you for making a fun product.

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