Stoner Concoction: Chips On Your Goddamn Sandwich

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potato chip sandwichYou read the header right… chips on your goddamn sandwich. That means (unless you’re in the UK) you pull a motherfucking Breakfast Club all Allison Reynold’s style on your sandwich. First off, sandwiches are aces. They’re whatever you want slapped between some bread. The possibilities are endless. But really, how can you make a sandwich better than that? I mean… fuck… you can put just about any condiment, meat, veggie, nut butter, actual butter, and/or cheese on a sandwich. But if you’re a food eating sonuvabitch like we are, you make a meal with your sandwich. That includes (but not limited to) chips, pickle on the side, kraut, fries…

…aaaaaaand let’s back that up. If you’re making this sandwich at home, chances are you might have some chips on hand (and I mean potato chips and not fries, blokes). Chips are great with a sandwich. That crunch offsets a typically not-crunchy sandwich. So why not combine the two? Fuck yeah! Load that goddamn sandwich up with those chips! And while we’re going the extra mile… do something else besides regular-ass potato chips. Making a sloppy joe? Throw on some barbecue style chips! Want a turkey club? How about a fuckin’ Cheddar Sun Chip Turkey Shityeah Club! Or what about your boring baloney sandwich you have there? Andy Capp’s Hot Fries baloney sandwich, motherfuck! BLT? CHEETOH BLT! The possibilities are endless.

Not only are chips on your goddamn sandwich tasty, but it’s also efficient… saving you probably a total of 30 precious seconds picking up chips and stuffing them into your fat mouth. If you’re not down with chips on sandwiches, then you need to go out in the hall. If you’re a tr00 Snort Ramen Olympiad, then you’ll probably find a way to effectively get that soda on your sandwich too.

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