RetroFeast: Salsa Rio Doritos

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Doritos Salsa RioBack when Alf and Dinoriders ruled the Earth, Doritos unleashed the almighty Salsa Rio flavored tortilla chips. Now we’re not talking about the dumbass spicy nacho tomato 2012 limited edition throwback Salsa Rio chips. We’re in our pimped out DeLorean traveling back to the late 80s to experience the real deal… so pour your Colt45 into the Mr. Fusion and let’s roll.

In my opinion (which is always right), these were probably the best Doritos out there. Relatively recently, a flavor called Salsa Verde was unleashed that was similar to Salsa Rio, but it just wasn’t “it”. The Salsa Rio chips had a certain spiciness and tomato salsa flavor to them that is unmatched. Everything that Doritos releases these days that’s supposed to be “salsa”, “enchilada”, or “Mexican food” just taste like bell pepper and nacho Doritos.

It’s hard to describe what set these off… maybe we ran too fast on our Nintendo Track & Field pads and it made the Salsa Rio chips hit hard. But Salsa Rio Doritos must have had a magic ingredient like wizard beard clippings or crushed obsidian ore melted into the spicy salsa-y goodness. These chips will be missed, and no throwback could ever serve them justice.

2 Responses to “RetroFeast: Salsa Rio Doritos”

  1. me

    This flavor kikD ass! Miss it

  2. Chip Review

    We were HUGE fans of the original Salsa Rios!!! But, we are actually even HUGER fans of Salsa Verde (our ALL-TIME favorite Doritos flavor…following closely in second place by Xtreme Sour Cream & Cheddar).

    Thanks for taking us down memory lane….


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