Retro-Feast: Keebler Magic Middles

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magicmiddlesAh yes… Magic Middles. Remember how in the commercials everyone just couldn’t fucking believe how the Keebler elves got the chocolate in the middle? Those were the good ol’ days. For those of you who were born too late, Magic Middles were  soft cookies with creamy fudge in the middle. It was like a chocolate covered cherry, but a shortbread cookie covered… um, chocolate. Yeah. Either way these things were aces, and Keebler also made the even better Chocolate Chip Magic Middles. Let’s also not forget the Mini-Middles as well.

Magic Middles will be missed. Any cookie that pours chocolatey goo when biting in to it is an automatic winner. If you lived in the time of Magic Middles, you know… you KNOW how awesome these were. Magic Middles, we salute you.


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