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Pocky is a simple, yet great sweet snack. All it is is a chocolate coated biscuit stick. Pretty basic and boring sounding, eh? Well, it certainly sounds like it is, but there’s something strange about Pocky that makes it awesome. Personally, I scoff at light snacking… it’s either stuff the shit out of your face or go home. But Pocky somehow defies the Snort Ramen Ultra Snacking Logic Laws and Bylaws. Maybe it’s because they use really good chocolate/coatings and the taste savors longer, thus allowing you to take smaller more enjoyable bites. Although we surely don’t disapprove of taking 10+ sticks and eating them all at once. But Pocky by-the-stick is kind of fun to eat in it’s own child-like way. If you bite the stick bit by bit like you’re “supposed to”, you get a fun little “pop” on your teeth when you bite off every piece. Why it’s fun? I have no fucking clue. Again, Pocky somehow defies our Snort Ramen snacking mentality… and that scores some points.

Pocky comes in LOTS of varieties. There’s chocolate, strawberry, coconut, banana, almond, mousse, fancy-pants decorer flavors, reverse Pocky, pumpkin, swirly-do types, honey & milk, Men’s Pocky (yes, you read correctly… Pocky FOR MEN. Sorry ladies, you’re shit outta luck), fortune telling (the “fortune” is marked on the sick), and even Hello fucking Kitty Pocky. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, my friends. Listing all the Pocky flavors would simply make your eyes cross. Personally, I’m a fan of the Almond Crush which has extra chocolate and bits of almond. It looks like a skinny brown Spikor and tastes awesome.

This snack is pretty cheap too. I think for a non-jumbo pack we pay around $1 or no more than $1.50 for a box. You pretty much have to try Pocky to understand exactly what the hell I’m trying to convey. Go get you some, and discover the lure of the Pocky.

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