Pierre Drive Thru Jalapeno Cheeseburger

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drive thru jalapeno cheeseburgerMy biggest hurdle with packing my lunch for work in the morning is pure and simple half-awake laziness. If I have to prepare food, I grumble at every second of the process. I’m a fan of the grab-n-go style foods for lunch… and is probably why every lunch I’ve made in (at least) the last year has included string cheese, yogurt, and the occasional package of cheese crackers. So when I find that I can have an entire pre-made burger with some HEAT that I can just grab and throw in my lunch bag… it’s a fuckin’ beautiful day.

Today we are reviewing the Pierre Drive Thru Jalapeno Cheeseburger. For a grab-n-go… this thing is the shizz. It’s a jalapeno diced beef steak patty, American and white American cheeses, and jalapenos on a sesame seed bun. Throw it in the microwave, and two minutes later you are gifted with awesomeness. Now it by no means compares to a real-deal grilled cheeseburger, but for what it is… it’s at the top of its category. Great greasy taste, a fair amount of nice hot jalapenos, and a patty that doesn’t taste like the shitty boot leather that most pre-made burgers tend to taste like. On my burger, most of the jalapenos had all slid to one side… so I got a couple of bites in that sent me on a fantastic heat voyage. Good times, my friends. Good times.

So if you’re looking for a decent burger, a desire to experience your food, too lazy to do much of anything in the morning (for the workin’ folks), and don’t feel like driving or walking any goddamn place besides to the microwave… this badboy is for you.



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  1. Velvetelvitron

    So is Pierre Drive Thru a restaurant, or is that a reference to the way it hastens through the digestive tract?


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