Nong Shim Spicy Onion Rings

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Last weekend the fam made a trek to one of the Asian grocery stores in town. Whenever we go, it is LAW that we get some oddball snack that we’ve never had. So many things from octopus crackers to Sriracha peas… but this time around I opted for a bag of Hot & Spicy Onion Rings.

Doing some Interbots research, I found that Nong Shim (who also makes the Shrimp Crackers and Kikiriki Drumsticks we’ve reviewed) makes these, which as you can tell, is not very apparent by the text on the bag to most of us ‘Muricans. Knowing that, I couldn’t expect super-robust flavor… honestly because almost every Nong Shim snack I’ve ever had are kind of bland. But that’s fine. The uniqueness of these types of snacks is all I need. I also went into this knowing that these weren’t going to be fuckin’ spicy Funyuns.

Doing the official Opening Whiff (we’re going to coin that term for the initial smell you get when opening a bag of chips), I smelled spiciness and… barbecue flavor? I was a bit confused at this point. “Onion rings? Spicy? Barbecue? WHAT DOES THIS GODDAMN BAG SAY???” Well, let me be the first to explode your bubble be saying these do NOT taste like onion rings… even by Funyun standards. They were more like spicy barbecue rings. While the name is certainly misleading… these were actually pretty good! It was nice to experience the hot and spicy barbecue on a non-potato chip for a change. The heat wasn’t very intense, but I expected that. Although a nice blanket of heat sits on your tongue while devouring entire bag (please note that at 3.17oz, eating partial bags is unacceptable).

So while not the greatest snack in town… the Nong Shim Hot & Spicy chips are worth the $1.30 they were sold as. I would totally buy them again. Just remember it ain’t no damn onion ring or tastes like anything close.

Nong Shim Hot & Spicy Onion Rings


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