Nong Shim – Chile Lime Kikiriki Drumsticks

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A long time ago I had this brilliant idea when I was eating fried chicken one day. See, I’m the kind that believes in the Extra Crispy, not Original Recipe chicken. I absolutely love fried chicken skin. So my bright idea was to have chicken skin singles. That’s fucking right… they’d be packaged like American cheese singles, but it would be flat pieces of crunchy fried chicken skin.

“Dude, you’re gross. Straight up chicken skin? Talk about an all expense paid trip on the Diarrhea Train to Acne Hell. I don’t know if I can read this blog anymore. You really crossed the line this time, man. You should be ashamed.”

What you don’t understand is that we here at Snort Ramen have Lemmy Kilmister metabolisms and stomachs lined with demonite ore. We can eat 50 pounds of chicken fried Sriracha bison and come out clean on the other end. When you spend 20 years building up a tolerance to HFC and iocane powder… anything is possible.

Anyhoo, quit distracting me and let me talk, dammit. What we’re reviewing today is probably the closest thing on the market to my chicken skin single idea… the Nong Shim Kikiriki Chile Lime Drumstix. The thing that lured me to this snack was the fiery mad chicken on the box. Sitting next to the box was the original flavor, but that chicken was a bit more chilled out.

This chicken (original) is all "Sup, bro."

This chicken (chile lime) is all "Ffffuuuusquak!!!"

Naturally I had to go with the pissed chicken. I mean, look at the little guy. The dude has little flames coming off of him and is ready to punch nuts.  Anyway, this snack was interesting. They’re little flavored pieces of wheat flour in the shape of a tiny chicken drumsticks. It certainly does have a fried chicken taste (hence the description on the box that says “fried chicken flavored snack”). I was under the impression that these things would be hot and spicy because of our angry chicken friend, but they were far from that. For a second my tongue got a slight spice-tease, but I certainly didn’t experience my food when I ate them. The flavor is weird at first… and tastes like a slightly stale and texture-less piece of chicken skin. But the chile lime flavor was intriguing and it made me eat more. After a few pieces, it grew on me and I couldn’t stop devouring. But imagine if you had the basic form of a Funyun with no onion flavor… and instead added chicken, lime, and a weenisy dash of chile flavor on it… and rolled it up to look like a drumstick. Similar to the Nong Shim Shrimp Crackers, the flavor was far from robust, but still an interesting eat.

I’m not sure if I would buy these again, but it was certainly worthy of review. Again, if these were flattened out, had more texture, and had a little bit more flavor… my chicken skin single idea would pretty much be on the market. Then I would be pissed because I wouldn’t be receiving paycheck for my ingenious idea… and I’d look like the pissy chicken on the box, but with my pants pockets turned inside out. I recommend giving these a try at least once.

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