NEWS: NASA to Develop 3D Printer… FOR FOOD

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spacepizzaSonuvabitch! This is full of awesome! NASA is funding research for the development of a 3D food printer! The first food will be pizza. SPACE PIZZA! Goddammit, read that again: SPACE PIZZA! It’s days like this where my faith in humanity is restored.

So some of you are probably thinking what I thought at first… and it may have went to the tune of:

Ok, I get the “because science” part of this. But really, is it that practical? I mean, you’re loading up a pretty hefty machine which would cost a shit-ton to launch (at $10K a pound to launch into space, that’s does in fact come out to a mathematical “shit-ton”). Also, wouldn’t the tried and true MRE suffice? It just seems like we want to be spoiled out in space like we are here on Earth. Cool idea, but is it actually worth it?

Well, I did some research and now I’m sold. Turns out that we’d send up nutrient containers with powders and oils to mix the food in the 3D printer, and like a normal 3D printer it would extrude and “print” a three-dimensional food object. These foods can contain all the nutrients a human needs in one fell swoop and has a shelf life of 30 motherfuckin’ years! Yeah, that would be kind of an important thing to consider when you’re thinking of one-way trips to Mars. And let’s face it folks, MREs are just fucking boring and don’t get very good PR (I hear the omelette ones are like the hot wee-wee dribbles of Lucifer).

So shit yeah, NASA! Chalk another one to “we won at the economy”. Chant: “USA! USA!” NASA has gifted us with scratch-resistant lenses, memory foam, cordless tools, satellite TV, artificial limbs, MRI and CAT scans… and now PRINTABLE FOOD. Fuck! I can’t wait to see what becomes of this. This could even be used to help feed third-world countries. Folks, this is the next best thing to the Star Trek TNG Food Replicator. For now you can watch Anjan Contractor’s first trial run of chocolate printing on a flat cookie. Engage!

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    I can’t decide if being stoned would make this really awesome to watch, or if it would just make you impatient for the chocolate.

    Still, what an exciting field, exploding right before our eyes!


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