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That’s right. Mr. Goodbar. I’ll be honest, the name and the packaging for this candy bar have never captivated me. In fact, it’s been a while since I’ve even had a Mr. Goodbar… and when I’d see these things at the convenient store I’d scoff at them. “Pffft!” I’d say to the Mr. Goodbars while shaking my finger at them. “You and your dumbass yellow packaging and your stupid name. You don’t even know how to capitalize your name properly. I’m taking home a Twix instead. You lousy fuck.”

Today I acquired a free Mr. Goodbar from a co-worker. And well, Mr. Goodbar, I’m sorry I said such mean things to your face. You’re actually pretty boss. What we have here folks is a chocolate bar that is jam packed with peanuts. Actually no… it’s peanuts that are covered in chocolate and pressed into bar form. It’s like a peanut annihilation! The milk chocolate is rich and smooth, and did I mention peanuts? Fucking peanuts! The texture to this candy bar is aces and has a nice (but not overwhelming) crunch. As we’ve mentioned before… there are fewer better combos than chocolate and peanut butter, and while the Mr. Goodbar doesn’t contain peanut butter it sure as hell is the next best thing.

So don’t be like me and get all packaging-elite and be a grammar-nazi over a fucking candy bar. If it’s been a minute since you’ve had a Mr. Goodbar, go grab one and learn to re-love this magnificent bastard. If you’ve never had one… get up from your computer right now and go stuff your gullet with this peanutty and chocolatey wizardry. That is, unless you’re allergic to peanuts. No… fuck that. Go get one and muscle it down anyway. It’s damn worth it.

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