Mike-Sell’s Smoky Mountain Barbecue Chips

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Until I moved north of the Mason-Dixon, I had never heard of Mike-Sell’s brand potato chips. They’re super cheap and super delicious. Mike-Sell’s makes everything from regular potato chips to the evil Cheeto twin known as the Puffcorn Delight. If you’re able to try anything by these guys… go forth and tantalize your taste buds. You won’t regret it.

Recently I reviewed the Doritos Smoky Chipotle Barbecue chips, and I let it be known that these things were shitty in the barbecue flavor department and that I’ve tasted more barbecue flavor on thin little potato chips. Mike-Sell’s is the screaming example of this times a baskillion. While Mike-Sell’s chips aren’t really “thin”, they’re certainly not super thick either. But sweet fancy Moses, these things DELIVER with the flavor they advertise. These chips pack serious barbecue flavor and (while not advertised) are even pretty damn spicy for a barbecue chip. The real gold in a bag of these are the chips that got all mangled and douched with too much spice… giving your mouth a run on Fireball Island (remember that game?). As a bonus, they’re kettle cooked which gives you a much better texture than your average tissue-paper chips.

Comparing all the barbecue chips I’ve ever had, I think Mike-Sell’s TKO’s the competition. You look at the bag and think “Smoky Mountain Barbecue? It probably tastes like watery tomato paste and hilljack sweat.” But noooooo… despite the subtle packaging, there contains a beast to be reckoned with inside. Again, I’m not kidding when I say these guys are packed with flavor. If you live below the Mason-Dixon, hit up Amazon and order some.


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