Mello Yello

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Ahhh… Mello Yello. Or if you live in rural Indiana it’s Meller Yeller. Sprite, Mountain Dew, and Sierra Mist move aside. There’s a citrus titan on the loose and crushes all in it’s path (yes, even Crush soda).

So what is it about Mello Yello that makes it so awesome? Let’s do some comparing, shall we? While  we here at SR do love our Sprite and make it a point to obey our thirst, Mello Yello knocks Sprite out of the flavor ring and delivers a TKO. The flavor is more rich and wins in the citrus department. What about Mountain Dew? Well, Mello Yello isn’t as NASCAR’y as Mountain Dew, and has a much cleaner taste to it without throwing your nerves into a caffeine ree-ree fit. And while Sierra Mist is just a better Sprite (and that’s my opinion, your opinion is wrong)… it’s still pale in comparison to Mello Yello.

Mello Yello also just tastes like yellow. But not in a bad way. Just sayin’.

The can doesn’t lie. It’s the OG Smooth. It’s like taking a trip through a citrus mountain. This ain’t your grandma’s citrus soda. Only hard motherfuckers drink Mello Yello. If you’re a real man, you open two of these bad boys and drink them simultaneously while watching UFC.

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