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Mana EnergyPotionPlanetOfTheCrepes and I were deep within the Western Plaguelands when we came upon a camp infested by the scourge.  We glance at each other knowing the risk we’ll be taking once we set foot into this diseased territory.  But we communicate telepathically,”Let’s fucking do this”, and we both agree and nod without saying a word.  PlanetOfTheCrepes switches into berzerker stance while I cast my renew healing spell, replenishing his health over time.  He charges at a mob of ghouls and undead, the blood bath has begun.  We are holding our own, but the scourge keep coming.  We cannot leave combat because the scourge keep coming in greater numbers!  Next thing I know, I wake up and we’re both dead…  I’ve disappointed my brother, and I’ve disappointed Thrall.  All because I fell asleep on my fucking keyboard.  Don’t act like this hasn’t happened to you.  Reach for the tiny bottle of Mana Energy Potion to get your ass in gear.  This itty bitty 1.69oz sugar-free shot packs enough heat to equal two Red Bulls or 4 cups of coffee.  The first time I replenished my mana, I was battling through Azeroth all through the night without a wink or a sugar crash. The flavor is not good but not terrible, but what do you expect?  It’s a potion, and it’s only 1.69 oz, so you can handle it.  Have a water chaser if you’re gonna cry about the taste.  We can’t complain about such a convenient product that aids us in defending the Horde.  This is the most effect I’ve felt from any energy shot or drink.  I recommend this for any all night gamer, or any person that likes the effects of energy drinks without drinking a huge sugary 1000 oz can.  The bottle even looks like a mini potion earning it extra points.  Mana Energy Potion will definitely buff your stamina rating and had the magic missile kid known about this, his spells would not have failed him.


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