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Hey crackers, you may have heard us talk about the totally rad new (and free to register) comic book hub site called Comics Crux. This a great site created by ultra comic book nerds (and good friends) that live comics all day every day, and want to expand the comic community by bringing together artists, writers, and fans while keeping everyone up to date on all that is comics in the Universe. This site has already had aspects of it reviewed by Felicia Day on her Geek & Sundry show, as well as a sick affiliation with Gentle Giant LTD. Keep your eyes on this site folks… it’s gaining some serious ground. As we’ve mentioned before, we’ve teamed up with Comics Crux to do comic book themed junkfood reviews (you can read our first review here)… which you’ll be seeing more of in the future.

With that said, Snort Ramen has its own league on Comics Crux that we encourage you to join. Joining the league will give you access to interact with Hamdog and myself more intimately (although we charge extra for spooning) and get a chance to network with other Snorters who are passionate about stuffing their guts full of junkfood awesomeness. Just jump over to Comic Crux, register an account (totally free), and find us in the Social > Leagues listing. Join the league, eat some Doritos, play some Crowbar, and be awesome.

Also, in hopes to kick up the dust a bit more… we’ve posted a contest over at Comics Crux where you could have artwork featured on Snort Ramen. That’s all we’re saying… so if you want more info you’ll have to pick your lazy ass up and go over to the Comics Crux site to find out the details.

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