Herr’s Ketchup Potato Chips

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For years I had heard of ketchup flavored potato chips, but never tried them. I think the main reason for not trying them sooner is because I spent most of my life in the South/Mid-South… and apparently ketchup chips belong to the “Great White North Only Club”. But now that I’m in the Mid-West, I have a much better chance of trying such gems as (per my at-work Canadian-connection) poutineSmarties, and the amazing ketchup chips. Although I’m a bit confused as to why the U.S. isn’t cranking out ketchup chips left and right… seeing that when you mention America one typically pictures a crying eagle with a bottle of Heinz in its talons flying overhead and squirting ketchup sniper-style over all the hamburgers and hot dogs in the country.

I’ll start of by saying that ketchup chips are aces! They’re a bit confusing at first for a couple of reasons. The first wave of confusion happens pre-consumption: actually wrapping your head around a fucking ketchup flavored potato chip. You go into this battle with what you know… and for most people when they think of ketchup, they probably imagine cool or cold and gooey ketchup like on a burger or with fries. So dry ketchup? Did Herr’s pour some ketchup on the counter, leave it to dry, peel up the dried ketchup, and grate it over a bag of regular potato chips? Whatever they did… it tastes damn awesome! But then we get to confusion wave #2: actually eating the chip. Hmmm. Yeah, this tastes like ketchup… certainly ketchup. But not your average vinegary red condiment. The thing I compare this to is homemade ketchup (aka the best kind of ketchup) which has a very robust flavor that boasts paprika, allspice, and is sweet and salty at the same time. It’s like Heinz Plus for those of you who have never had homemade ketchup. Also, Herr’s used ridge-style potato chips… and that means the spice has places to really build up and punch your tongue with awesomeness.

These little red bastards are absolutely delicious, and if you’re not careful you’ll inhale an entire bag in under 5 minutes. They’re certainly addictive… especially the first time trying them because you’re determined to figure out what fucking magical ingredient is that makes them “ketchup plus”. I would totally load these up on a burger or sandwich all Breakfast Club style. If you’re not close to Canadia (no, I didn’t misspell that), you can order these from Amazon.com. I recommend this link because you can order them in a pack of 42 bags… which is a good idea if you’re a true Snort Ramen Olympiad.

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