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Look at me, I’m eating all fancy-pants today. I was awarded a white chocolate candy bar from the co-op for tearin’ shit up old-school at my office. It looks like this thing was purchased from Bath & Body Works. But don’t let the wrapper fool you, this candy bar packs a punch.

I love white chocolate. I don’t know exactly why I prefer it to dark bitter chocolate. Not to say that I hate dark chocolate… I do like it. But I’ve always had a retarded crazy sweet-tooth. I can trace this back to my youth when my mom would sit my 4 year old ass on the couch to watch Fraggle Rock in silence with a mug of sugar and milk with a little bit of coffee mixed in. I guess one day I wanted to be like my parents and drink coffee… and that was their idea of “kid coffee”. Needless to say I drank a lot of this concoction. It’s a wonder of the world that my teeth are as healthy as they are.

Anyhoo, back to the review… this is the Green & Black’s Organic white chocolate bar. I had mentioned before that I’m a huge fan of the Hershey’s Cookies n’ Creme bar, but good lawd does this bar deliver. If it had smooshed up Oreos in it… I probably would have passed out in a white-chocolategasm. The flavor in this candy bar is rich, had a strong vanilla taste, and doesn’t taste waxy at all (unlike a lot of cheap white chocolate bars). On the package it says it has a “luxurious mouthfeel” which I found rather amusing, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around what my mouth feeling “luxurious” was like. Should my tongue have jumped out of my mouth, put on a crown, hopped into a Benz with its eyes on paper tryin’ to collect endz, glidin’ through the streets while it reclines its leather, thinkin’ no white chocolate could do no better? I dunno. It was really good and all, but I think ”luxurious mouthfeel” is a bit much.

So this brings up a discussion that Hamdog and I have almost weekly. White chocolate or dark chocolate? Hamdog thinks I’m a queer for liking white chocolate better, while I think he likes eating from the litter box because he likes his chocolate uber dark. We both think the other party is insane, but that’s ok (it keeps things interesting). So we wanted to ask our minions… what kind of chocolate do you prefer?

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