Frozen Coca-Cola

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Welcome to summer time. You may think summer “technically” starts in 2 weeks, but it’s already began folks. If you find yourself cruising in your air-conditionless car/truck with your elbow out the window, back drenched with sweat, and jamming Fu Manchu’s King of the Road… it’s fucking summer. C’mon people, use your brains… this is scientific method here.

So your bits and pieces are sticking to your inner thigh and you want relief. You opt for a cold tasty beverage. There are so many at your disposal, but we all know the king of summer time beverages is the Icee. Sure you can get the typical “red flavor” or “blue flavor” Icee (when are in fact tried-and-true), but sometimes you just want something different. That’s where the Frozen Coke comes in to play.

I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a Coca-Cola fan. That shit always makes my teeth feel funny (even for me) and the aftertaste is weird. But Frozen Coke is aces. You get the caramel flavor one typically enjoys with a soda, but the taste is much cleaner. It’s cold and very refreshing. After drinking the first 1/4 of a cup, your junk detaches from your thigh with no issues on hot days. Although the downside is that if you don’t drink it quick enough, you end up with this overly sweet syrup hell at the bottom of the cup. Since this can happen rather quickly, you may end up with a fair amount of this syrup… which makes you feel obligated to drink it. Take it from me, guys, just put it down and move on.

There are many varieties of the Icee, but the Frozen Coke is up there. I’m still yet to try a Frozen Dr. Pepper… but I will surely seek one out seeing that I heart Dr. Pepper. I also have fond memories from my signmaker days cruising in a bucket truck with a Frozen Fanta, but that’s another story for another day.

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