Escher Cookies Made with 3D Printed Rollers

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Hi folks. Long time no see. Our excuses for not posting for so long this time around is that I’ve been busy listening to a band called Skraeckoedlan non-stop on repeat for the last month, and HamDog is busy plunging himself into the new Aquaman and Deadpool comics. It’s a typical case of #SnortRamenProblems.

sugar-cookiesYou may not know this about me, but I am actually going back to school for a Design Technology degree with CAD/CAD focus. I intend to use this degree to get balls deep into the world of CNC machining and 3D printing so that I can make my own guitars and ninja throwing stars. Or even a guitar that shoots out throwing stars out of the headstock. So naturally, anything unique created on a CNC or 3D printer amazing the hell out of me. One of the more badass magazines out there, MAKE Magazine, has a video on how to make these awesome MC Escher sugar cookies with 3D printed rollers. Original article can be viewed here. This is full of absolute win: combining one of the greatest artists of all time and cookies.

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