Eckrich Bacon Lovers Bacon Ranch Flavored Chicken Breast

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bacon ranch chickenIt was that time of the week again, and that meant picking out lunch meat for work lunches. Mrs. PotC came home from the grocery store and gifted me with a package of lunch meat labeled “BACON RANCH CHCKN”. Well, shit yeah! This stuff is rather tasty (yes, it tastes like bacon and ranch) and packed with all the cholesterol and saturated fat needed to wreck your diet.

While I highly recommend this deli meat… I have to caution the smell of this stuff. It’s so pungent, it made our refrigerator and kitchen reek until all bacon ranch chicken was consumed. Even when I busted out BRC sandwiches at work… when I opened my lunch bag I was all “WHEW!”. This was definitely comparable to that skunky bag you get every so often that just makes everything stink to high heaven, but makes you feel damn good when consumed. Plus, it has bacon in it… and you can’t go wrong with that.

Bacon Ranch Chicken Deli Meat:



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