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Jim Ether: Elvis & The PBB&B Sandwich

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Having lived in Memphis, TN for most of my life… we were constantly reminded about all things Elvis. This includes him riding the hell out of the Zippin Pippin at Liberty Land, theories on if he’s still stomping around Midtown, and the infamous peanut butter banana and bacon sandwiches he loved so much. Elvis LOVED [...]



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For all of you Mac sheep out there that have thousands of dollars of unused computer parts waiting to be put to use, this might be up your alley. Behold the iGrill! Source


Jim Ether: Sleepy Burger

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We love these Jim Ether food related paintings. I mean, fucking look at it… LOOK AT IT. Wouldn’t YOU want to be that guy??? Curled up all comfy-cozy in a nice warm hamburger with all the fixins? Damn right you do. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. As always, go check out Jimmy’s site [...]

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The After-Cereal Milk

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There are certain kinds of cereal that end up creating delicious milk to drink after you’ve eaten all the cereal.  Don’t act like you don’t drink the fucking milk out of the bowl. These cereals are the kind you want to purposely pour way too much milk in (the truth is, i’ve never minded soggy [...]


The Fine Art of Fat-Kidding

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Fat-kidding. This is not a term that you use when you look at your fat-ass in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re skinny. It’s quite the opposite. This is a term that Team Snort Ramen uses rather often. The definition of fat-kidding is: Fat-Kidding (verb) \’fat-kid-ding\ – When one reaches the ass-end of a [...]


Where the fuck is Snort Ramen???

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Hi guys. Planet of the Crepes here. You’re probably wondering where the hell we are and why we’ve been neglecting the website. Hamdog is still busy growing his hair out and is balls deep in his fantasy football league, while I’ll been busy changing diapers every 5 minutes and reading back issues of Axe Cop. [...]


Snort Ramen’s 100th Post

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100 posts… that’s a lot of potty-mouth junkfood reviews. For our first triple-digit post we drop these words of wisdom on our readers: 1. We CAN believe it’s not butter. 2. If you are against pulp, you need your shins cracked with a hockey stick. 3. We really really really like chocolate and peanut butter. [...]

I Ain’t Dead

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“Dear PlanetoftheCrepes, Dude. Where they hell are you? Word has it that you were attacked and eaten by wild baboons while on a quest to find dank cocoa beans in West Africa. I guess if I don’t hear back from you in a few days, I’ll assume that’s true and I’ll just spread the rumor [...]


HamDog Vs PlanetoftheCrepes: Closing the Book on White Chocolate

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A chat session between the two Snort Ramen Olympiads. HamDog: 1, PlanetoftheCrepes: 0 [7/20/2012 9:39:35 AM] HamDog: so i ended up watching first blood 1 and 2 this weekend, and stallone’s son dies the next morning [7/20/2012 9:39:42 AM] HamDog: wtf [7/20/2012 9:40:30 AM] PlanetoftheCrepes: way to go man [7/20/2012 9:40:43 AM] HamDog: therefore, i [...]


Snort Ramen Salutes Lemmy Kilmister

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We here at Snort Ramen love our metal. It’s energy-driven music that makes you want to wear a sleeveless denim jacket with an oversized Appetite For Destruction patch on the back. Metal makes you bang your head and puts you into an “I have absolutely no fucks to give.” mindset. It’s all about loud amps [...]


Root Beer

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Root beer is the jam. Back in the way-back-when, root beer was made as a home-made alternative to alcoholic beverages. Forest folk would gather various roots, sticks, pine cones, and spices and pitch them in some boiling water and drink the fuck out it. The process of making root beer is in the same line [...]


The Fine Art of Burrito Handling

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Burritos are serious fucking business. If you don’t know how to handle one… you face serious consequences such as blowout, shitty bean-smelling fingers, and severe embarrassment if you are in a public establishment. We’re here to help the world become grandmaster Red belts in the Burrito Handling Arts. Follow these instructions and you will be one with [...]


Pizza Power Punch

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If you don’t like pizza, you’re a horrible excuse of a human being. Seriously… if you’re reading this right now and saying to yourself “Well, I don’t like pizza and I’m just fucking awesome.” then you need to go lie on the couch with a popsicle in your butt. Pizza is one of the greatest inventions [...]

Food Stories Nominee for Excellence in Story Telling!

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Snort Ramen has been nominated for Food Stories Excellence in Story Telling!  We are very grateful considering we’ve only been in existence for almost a month.  We hope this is a sign of good things to come! Here’s how it works: 1. The nominee should visit the award site ( and leave a comment indicating [...]

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FREE Doritos Today!

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If you’re in a town with a Kroger, then be sure to head down there today between 3pm and 8pm.  Why, you ask? They’re giving away a free fucking bag of chips, that’s fucking why.  And what I’d do if I were you, is try something new, like the new Doritos Jacked.  Which come in [...]

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Welcome to Snort Ramen!

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Congratulations! You’ve found Snort Ramen… your friend in the junk food review business. We’re here to tell you exactly why should should put this horrible-for-you, yet tasty crap in your system. You only live once, better clog those arteries while you can. We’ll be reviewing tasty beverages, salty snacks, cavity creators, and spicy food hell. [...]