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Retro-Feast: Keebler Magic Middles

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Ah yes… Magic Middles. Remember how in the commercials everyone just couldn’t fucking believe how the Keebler elves got the chocolate in the middle? Those were the good ol’ days. For those of you who were born too late, Magic Middles were  soft cookies with creamy fudge in the middle. It was like a chocolate [...]

cookies and creme twix

RetroFeast: Cookies-n-Creme Twix

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We all know and love our Twix candy bars.  They’re a mouthful of soft chewy delicious caramel chocolatey goodness, you can’t get much better than that, right?  Well if you remember the early 90′s, you’ll remember that Twix actually launched a campaign of different flavors to experiment with.  Aside from the original Caramel flavor, the [...]


RetroFeast: Otter Pops

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When you were little, summer time was the jam. There was no school, and you got to run around in the back yard like a retarded hummingbird with a Thundercat figure in one hand and a summer snack in the other. But man, summer was fucking hot. When I was a kid in the 80s, [...]

Ralston Ghostbuster Cereal

RetroFeast: Ghostbusters Cereal

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Back in 1984, Earth was given one of the greatest things since the steam powered locomotive… and that thing was Ghostbusters. As the IMDB page says, the movie is about “three unemployed parapsychology professors who set up shop as a unique ghost removal service.” There are behemoth demon dogs, ghosts made of slime, giant marshmallow [...]


RetroFeast: Doritos Late Night All Nighter Cheeseburger

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If you’ve stumbled across this site, it’s likely that you’re the type of person that puts their fries inside their burger.  Maybe when you were a kid you put your Fritos inside your sandwich.  In 2009 when Doritos released a line of snacks under the name Late Night, you were able to reverse the roles and taste [...]

Doritos Salsa Rio

RetroFeast: Salsa Rio Doritos

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Back when Alf and Dinoriders ruled the Earth, Doritos unleashed the almighty Salsa Rio flavored tortilla chips. Now we’re not talking about the dumbass spicy nacho tomato 2012 limited edition throwback Salsa Rio chips. We’re in our pimped out DeLorean traveling back to the late 80s to experience the real deal… so pour your Colt45 [...]

nintendo cereal system

RetroFeast: Nintendo Cereal System

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Breakfast cereal just isn’t the same as it used to be. Back in the day, going down the cereal aisle was the greatest fucking thing in a child’s life after the initial factory-smell-cloud of opening up a new action figure. When I was your age, cereal mascots were your overlords and told you how to [...]