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Welp, we think it’s obvious.

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We haven’t posted shit in a long time, and it’s quite obvious that we’re tapped out in the foul-mouthed junk food review department. There are only so many times one can swear about the sweet and salty snacks of the Universe without it sounding like the same shit over and over (see exhibit A: [...]


Snort Ramen To Appear Weekly on

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Snort Ramen has been asked to write a weekly guest column over at! Our articles should appear every Friday… that is, unless HamDog gets too busy hunting for new Four Loko flavors, or if I get too wrapped up debating on what color to paint my garage floor. If you’re a comic book nerd, [...]


NEWS: NASA to Develop 3D Printer… FOR FOOD

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Sonuvabitch! This is full of awesome! NASA is funding research for the development of a 3D food printer! The first food will be pizza. SPACE PIZZA! Goddammit, read that again: SPACE PIZZA! It’s days like this where my faith in humanity is restored. So some of you are probably thinking what I thought at first… [...]


Taco Bell Waffle Tacos

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Yes, Ramen-Readers… you read correctly. Motherfuckin’ Taco Bell Waffle Tacos. The Bell is dipping its clapper (yes, that’s the actual name for the dangly part of a bell) into the breakfast world. It’s sausage and eggs loaded up into a waffle all taco style. While it’s not really a taco based on what the Googlebots tells [...]


Snort Ramen on Instagram

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Did you know that Snort Ramen is tearing it up on Instagram? Here you can see spur of the moment pictures of what Hamdog and PlanetoftheCrepes are eating, in turn making you hungry. Check us out… user: snortramen.


Jim Ether – Octopus Painting

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Check out the totally awesome painting that Mrs. PotC commissioned from Jim Ether. This badboy now hangs in the kitchen at our place… and is a pretty good representation of what it’s like when Mrs. PotC cooks in there. Go visit Jimmy’s site and have him make you something!

Jim Ether - Donuts

Jim Ether – Donuts

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Snort Ramen would like to introduce you to Jim Ether (not him pictured above, dumbass). Ol’ Jimmy is a pretty damn good artist and overall just a good guy. Occasionally he makes paintings that are food related and they make us lol. With his permission, we want to share these foodie ethery oddballs with you when [...]


It’s Fucking National Pancake Day

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You read right… fucking National Pancake Day. Since beginning its National Pancake Day celebration in 2006, IHOP has raised more than $10 million to support charities in the communities in which it operates. On February 5, 2013, guests from around the country will once again celebrate National Pancake Day at IHOP and enjoy a [...]

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Thank You, Four Loko!

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Back in August I sent Four Loko’s corporate office a letter expressing my gratitude and also suggesting they explore the idea of a Bacon flavor Four Loko.  Of course I was only half way serious, I just wanted some site content and to see what would happen.  Well one of the partners of Phusion Projects [...]


The New Look of Snort Ramen

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Welcome to the new and improved layout of Snort Ramen! About time, amirite? Now you can enjoy our brilliant potty-mouth ramblings about junk food without feeling like you got hit by a rogue word-wave that left you for dead. Posts are now in summary form, things just look nicer, and everything should be easier to navigate. [...]


The Super-Secret Rally’s 15% Discount

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Hi folks. Planetofthecrepes here. I’m here today to tell you about something that’s mind-blowingly amazing about one of America’s greatest fast food joints: Rally’s (or Checker’s in some places). It’s the super secret and magical 15% discount that’s always available upon request. I know what you’re thinking: “You’re out of your fuckin’ mind, PotC.” Yeah, [...]

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Join the Snort Ramen Comics Crux League

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Hey crackers, you may have heard us talk about the totally rad new (and free to register) comic book hub site called Comics Crux. This a great site created by ultra comic book nerds (and good friends) that live comics all day every day, and want to expand the comic community by bringing together artists, [...]

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My Campaign for Bacon Four Loko

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I’d like to ask all our readers to join me in the fight to bring bacon flavored Four Loko to the world. August 24, 2012 Drink Four Brewing Co. 1658 N Milwaukee Ave. Suite 424 Chicago, Illinois 60647 To Whom it May Concern,     Greetings!  I just want to say thank you for making such [...]

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Quick Update from the Hamdog

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What’s up Ramen readers?  It’s been a hot minute since you’ve heard from the squad.  Don’t be alarmed, we’re not going anywhere.  Sometimes life gets in the way of delicious junk food.  I’ve been busy growing my hair out, and I believe Mrs.PlanetOfTheCrepe’s is about to give birth to a piggy in a blanket any [...]