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carrito de elotesThe fair is in town in my neck of the woods. That means I get to cut loose on all sorts of new and strange fair food that could easily kill me if consumed in large quantities. One of the things we got was a couple of candy grab bags for the kids. Inside one of the bags was this lollipop that was obviously from Mexico, and looked like… corn? I see it’s strawberry flavored and has… wait, strawberry corn? And chili powder is in here too? The first thing I thought after seeing this was “Blog material.”

HamDog and I have both had these… and here’s what we have to say about them:

Planetofthecrepes: As mentioned, I was confused as fuck after seeing a strawberry chili corn lollipop. The lollipop I got is a little different than pictured (Carrito De Elotes), and it had the lollipop with a shit ton of chili powder hanging out in the wrapper. Upon the first taste (with little/no powder) there was certainly strawberry. When the fuck do I taste corn? I then dip my saliva coated corn shaped lollipop into the chili powder and get a mouthful. Interesting… there’s heat. That’s good at least. No corn yet, but maybe that’s a good thing (couldn’t see how corn flavor would enhance this). I bit the lollipop to see if this mystery corn would surface and it didn’t. It’s almost like the concept of a goddamn circus peanut… why in the hell is this thing shaped like this? But overall, it was interesting. After a while, I simply got tired of the taste and just tossed it. I figured I would kill this thing with the preceding bowls consumed, but nah. I would certainly try these again. HamDog does say they grow on you… and here’s what he has to say about it:

HamDog: I discovered these things at a taqueria after a bender in Houston, TX one night.  I always like to try new candy at this particular taqueria because there’s a huge selection by the cashier up front when you pay for your food.  I went up to the cashier to pay my bill and look at the candy.  So there I was all drunk and everything trying to pick something out, and I tried to translate Vero Elote to English like I was smart and knew what I was talking about and I asked for a “Super Corn”.  They laughed at me and gave me my super corn. I walked out like a silly loser and got down on my lolli.  My first reaction was kinda confusing.  It’s almost like having sex for the first time.  You’re not really sure what you’re doing, it’s kind of awkward, but you know you want to do it again.  Fast forward to about 10 years later and I’m keeping a giant grocery store bag full of these things in my office.  If you can get past the first initial tasty of salty/spicy chili powder, the strawberry mango is actually quite tasty. Then when you get to the end and bite down into that bad boy, it has a nice potent surprise of chili powder in the middle just to give a little kick in the balls and something to remember it by.  This is a good snack experience, but it definitely isn’t for everybody.  I think you need to have a sweet and spicy sort of palate to appreciate these things.

So that’s that. A weird-ass lollipop that looks like corn, and tastes like spicy strawberry. I was kinda meh about it, but would try again. HamDog is certainly a fan seeing that he keeps a constant stash at work. We give the elotes lollipops a combined rating of:


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  1. Velvetelvitron

    Great dual-tales, dudes!

    Now I wish I’d tried it!

  2. Karen

    My kid got one of these in his pumpkin tonight. Ours was kind of shriveled, like one of the not-so-plump shrink-wrapped deviled eggs you see in the checkout line. I put it to my tongue and it was powdery and dry. It wasn’t hot chili powder, but just regular chili powder, unexpected and DRY. That’s as far as I got. His friends also gave me theirs, so I have more. I may try to eat the whole pop next time just to say I tried it all.


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