Book Review: The Sriracha Cookbook by Randy Clemens

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This is the Sriracha Cookbook written by Randy Clemens. It’s a collection of “50 Rooster Sauce Recipes that pack a punch”. Oh fuck yeah! We here at Snort Ramen love our Sriracha, and this book gets our approval. Now we know what you’re thinking… “Oh whatever, guys. I bet you just really like The Oatmeal and are riding the Sriracha coattails they laid out like everyone else in the world is doing.” While The Oatmeal is good times, you have to remember that HamDog and I are both native Texans… and that means we have spent some serious time in our lives on extreme hot sauce quests. We’ve had the hottest of the hottest, but Sriracha is a winner because it’s thicker and has great flavor. Plus, the older we get… the more we realize flavor AND heat trumps just heat. We sure as hell didn’t think that a decade ago, and I’m sure our guts are permanently scarred because of it. Oh well… you only live once.

So what do we have here, folks? A book that has 50 recipes with Sriracha as an ingredient. After reading some reviews on Amazon, a few people bitched that this was “just a cookbook of typical recipes with some Sriracha added.” Well… what the fuck do you want? Brand new, never invented recipes where Sriracha is 80% of the dish? I think this is genius. The book starts off with some recipes that could make one think these were typical recipes with The Rooster Sauce simply added… such as Sriracha Mayo (which I have my own spin with Kewpie Mayo written up here), Sriracha Ketchup, Sriracha Pesto, and Sriracha Butter. BUT these recipes are used again with the other recipes of this book. THEN you have gems such as Sriracha Slaw, Bacon-Sriracha Cornbread, Honey-Sriracha Glazed Chicken Wings, Sriracha Gazpatcho, the Ultimate Sriracha Burger, and Camarones à la Diabla. Plus, there’s even a recipe on how to make your own Sriracha… but somehow that just seems wrong.

I plan on hopefully making every recipe in this book (assuming that I don’t have to drop $20 on salmon steaks for a single recipe)… which I will certainly review for our fellow Snorters.

While we’re at it… there has been some debate on how to pronounce Sriracha. For me, I’ve been pronouncing it “Shree-Rah-Sha” because a member of the city Zendo who is from Asia told my mother in law: “Think about it. How do you say Sri Lanka? In Asia you simply pronounce “racha” as “rah-sha”. So there you have it… Shree-Rah-Sha is the correct way to say it.”

I’d normally drop the BEC review here, but since I haven’t actually made anything from this book yet, it seems wrong to do so. Oh fuck it… I’ll BEC it based on the concept.

If the recipes suck, I’ll make a follow-up book review. But this badboy seems pretty promising.

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  1. The Sriracha Cookbook

    Worry not; the recipes won’t suck. Big thanks for the kind words, and even bigger thanks for understanding the concept and appreciating precisely what I was going for. I always wonder about some of the folks who leave reviews on Amazon and Yelp. Ah well, it’s entertaining to picture them in their underwear in mom’s basement if nothing else.

    And big fucking cheers to Texas btw. I’d never been until a few weeks ago, when I was asked to judge the Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival. What a city! I fell in love instantly. Good food, great music, incredible beer, and plenty o’ pretty ladies everywhere you looked. (I’m pretty sure I was in heaven.)

    Anyway, thanks again, and I sincerely hope you enjoy the book. I give your review (and Austin) a full 5 BECs.

    Viva la Sriracha,
    - Randy Clemens -

  2. PlanetOfTheCrepes

    Hahaha! Holy crap! A comment from the author himself! That’s pretty rad. =) How did you stumble across the world’s greatest foul mouthed junk food review site?

    As I said, these recipes seem very promising. I’ve read through most of them, and everything seems golden. I’m really looking forward to the Honey-Sriracha Wings.

    Thank you sir for writing a kick-ass cookbook about one of the world’s tastiest hot sauces. And don’t be a stranger!

    P.S. Just for replying, I’m bumping the rating up to 5 BECs.


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