Barcel Chicharrones – Chile & Limon

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Barcel Chicharrones Chile & LimeAlright guys listen up.  I have another Mexican snack to review from the makers of the almighty Takis.  Barcel brings you the delightful goodness of Chicharrones, the wheat flour snack that looks like pork rinds, tastes like pork rinds, but brother, it ain’t pork rinds.  It’s a wheat flour fluffy snack with that “oh so Mexican” chile and lime flavor.   What you get from this over-sized bag is a crunchy snack that delivers the same texture as pork rinds with an excellent ratio of chile to lime seasoning.  Personally, I think it could use more heat on the spice. The aftertaste leaves a fiery essence that reminds you of leaving a tortilla on the open flame for just a tad too long, but I think that just gives it an authentic feel.  Yes the bag is huge, that’s because these things are so damn fluffy.  So don’t be fooled, you’re still getting a fun-sized portion.  If you’re a pork rind fan then it’s definitely worth giving these things a try.  If you don’t like pork rinds and you try these you will probably hate them.

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