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Morel Madness

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Sup Ramen readers! Today’s post isn’t actually junk food, but it’s one of the greatest foods around for many good reasons. For those of you who live in the Midwest and Northeast region of ‘Merica… you’re probably familiar with almighty morel mushroom. For those in areas where morels don’t grow, I must tell you that [...]


The Behemoth Burger

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Hol-ee shit! Now THIS is 100% pure Snort Ramen material! What you see here is the goddamn Behemoth Burger made by the Grilll ‘Em All foodtruck… aka greatest food truck idea ever. If it hasn’t clicked up in your skull walnut yet, it’s a heavy metal themed food truck out in LA that rocks burgers such [...]


Snort Ramen on Instagram

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Did you know that Snort Ramen is tearing it up on Instagram? Here you can see spur of the moment pictures of what Hamdog and PlanetoftheCrepes are eating, in turn making you hungry. Check us out… user: snortramen.

bacon ranch chicken

Eckrich Bacon Lovers Bacon Ranch Flavored Chicken Breast

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It was that time of the week again, and that meant picking out lunch meat for work lunches. Mrs. PotC came home from the grocery store and gifted me with a package of lunch meat labeled “BACON RANCH CHCKN”. Well, shit yeah! This stuff is rather tasty (yes, it tastes like bacon and ranch) and [...]


Jim Ether – Octopus Painting

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Check out the totally awesome painting that Mrs. PotC commissioned from Jim Ether. This badboy now hangs in the kitchen at our place… and is a pretty good representation of what it’s like when Mrs. PotC cooks in there. Go visit Jimmy’s site and have him make you something!



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I was in Texas last week, and before I left, my wife asked me to find some Twang flavored salt to bring home. I had forgotten about this stuff, and she was right… you can’t find that stuff in Indiana. After a little bit of searching I finally found some at a convenience store and [...]


Escher Cookies Made with 3D Printed Rollers

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Hi folks. Long time no see. Our excuses for not posting for so long this time around is that I’ve been busy listening to a band called Skraeckoedlan non-stop on repeat for the last month, and HamDog is busy plunging himself into the new Aquaman and Deadpool comics. It’s a typical case of #SnortRamenProblems. You may not [...]


Retro-Feast: Keebler Magic Middles

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Ah yes… Magic Middles. Remember how in the commercials everyone just couldn’t fucking believe how the Keebler elves got the chocolate in the middle? Those were the good ol’ days. For those of you who were born too late, Magic Middles were  soft cookies with creamy fudge in the middle. It was like a chocolate [...]


Braunschweiger (liverwurst)

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Today is the day where I’ll probably gross out everyone who reads this blog. Folks, braunschweiger (or liverwurst) is the bee’s knees. It’s delicious spreadable meat and it’s great. Many people will get their panties in a wad just over the smell, and those people will die in the Great Bear War of 2016. I [...]

Jim Ether - Donuts

Jim Ether – Donuts

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Snort Ramen would like to introduce you to Jim Ether (not him pictured above, dumbass). Ol’ Jimmy is a pretty damn good artist and overall just a good guy. Occasionally he makes paintings that are food related and they make us lol. With his permission, we want to share these foodie ethery oddballs with you when [...]

new lays

New Lay’s Chip Flavors Mega Review

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Sup, minions. PlanetoftheCrepes here with the almighty Hamdog to review the 3 new Lay’s potato chip flavors. Two days ago we gone done told you about these hitting the shelves, and today Hamdog and I got our grubby mits on each type. I was able to score the Siracha and Cheesy Garlic Bread chips, while [...]

rallys fry lovers burger

Rally’s Fry Lover Burger

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If you frequent Snort Ramen, you know we love our Rally’s. Goddamn do we love our Rally’s. The burgers/sandwiches are aces because they’re large, generous with the fixins, and cheap. And the fries are mouthgasmic. You can read about me going apeshit over Rally’s in one our previous articles here. Recently we talked about chips [...]


It’s Fucking National Pancake Day

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You read right… fucking National Pancake Day. Since beginning its National Pancake Day celebration in 2006, IHOP has raised more than $10 million to support charities in the communities in which it operates. On February 5, 2013, guests from around the country will once again celebrate National Pancake Day at IHOP and enjoy a [...]

You little motherfuckers...

The Tiny SpaghettiO’s

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You know them all too well… those goddamn tiny rings in a can of SpaghettiO’s. Why the fuck did they make these? Usually they just slide or fall off of your fork, and when you get to the end of your can, they’re a bitch to scoop up. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Well, [...]


The New Look of Snort Ramen

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Welcome to the new and improved layout of Snort Ramen! About time, amirite? Now you can enjoy our brilliant potty-mouth ramblings about junk food without feeling like you got hit by a rogue word-wave that left you for dead. Posts are now in summary form, things just look nicer, and everything should be easier to navigate. [...]


The Fine Art of Fat-Kidding

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Fat-kidding. This is not a term that you use when you look at your fat-ass in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re skinny. It’s quite the opposite. This is a term that Team Snort Ramen uses rather often. The definition of fat-kidding is: Fat-Kidding (verb) \’fat-kid-ding\ – When one reaches the ass-end of a [...]


Bacon Tortilla Chips

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The other day I came home and Mrs. PotC was doing her usual thing… kicking ass in the kitchen. She was making tortilla chips. But she had a batch set aside that were different from the other chips. They were darker and slightly orange. Hmmm… what flavor of tortilla chips could these be? Looking at [...]


The Super-Secret Rally’s 15% Discount

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Hi folks. Planetofthecrepes here. I’m here today to tell you about something that’s mind-blowingly amazing about one of America’s greatest fast food joints: Rally’s (or Checker’s in some places). It’s the super secret and magical 15% discount that’s always available upon request. I know what you’re thinking: “You’re out of your fuckin’ mind, PotC.” Yeah, [...]


White Bread is Stupid

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We here at Snort Ramen are junk food titans. We put a lot of crap into our systems for the sake of flavor. But we’re also not dumbasses and don’t eat EXCLUSIVELY junk food. HamDog and I totally plan on living to be at least 130 years old, and just like anything else enjoyable in [...]