A Salute to Jalapeno Poppers

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One thing we’re big on here at Camp Snort Ramen is experiencing your food. That’s why we’re such huge advocates of spicy food. Sure, eating an entire chocolate bunny in one sitting is awesome and all… but you don’t go around telling folks about “the time I ate a pound of chocolate shaped like a rabbit”. That shit’s boring and nobody cares. No, the stories made of gold are the time you ate something too spicy, rubbed your eyeball, and thinking you were going to die. People would much rather hear stories about how the storyteller was in pain and suffered… because the human race is just an asshole like that.

Jalapeno poppers are a food that is experienced. While it’s not the hottest of spicy foods out there, they certainly taste awesome. Plus, the older you get and the more painful potty trips you’ve had in your life… the more you realize eating stuff exclusively for spiciness with no flavor is not the smartest idea. That’s the great thing about jalapeno poppers. They’re deep fried, have spicy jalapenos, and a cream cheese filling (typically). The cream cheese neutralizes the jalapeno some, and contrasts such as this are always flat out awesome (because science and complexity and stuff and whatever). What we have here is a deep fried winning combo of lots of flavor and a food experience.

Let’s not forget that there’s an array of fillings for jalapeno poppers. They can come with bacon wrapped around the pepper or contain cheddar cheese instead of cream cheese. Then you have a few more exotic recipes such as shrimp and crab stuffed jalapeno poppers. There’s even pimento cheese, salsa, and mushroom fillings. The possibilities are endless.

On a side note: one thing I plan on making (and reviewing) is the Sriracha Jalapeno Poppers which can be found in The Sriracha Bookbook by Randy Clemens (review on said book here). This motherfucker just sounds too good to be true.

Jalapeno poppers, Snort Ramen salutes you. Live on with your spiciness and robust flavor… you glorious sonuvabitch.

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  1. Gas Station Gastronomy

    I can never get enough of what you have to say about … everything delicious. This is one of a few reasons I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!


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