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Snort Ramen on Instagram

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Did you know that Snort Ramen is tearing it up on Instagram? Here you can see spur of the moment pictures of what Hamdog and PlanetoftheCrepes are eating, in turn making you hungry. Check us out… user: snortramen.

bacon ranch chicken

Eckrich Bacon Lovers Bacon Ranch Flavored Chicken Breast

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It was that time of the week again, and that meant picking out lunch meat for work lunches. Mrs. PotC came home from the grocery store and gifted me with a package of lunch meat labeled “BACON RANCH CHCKN”. Well, shit yeah! This stuff is rather tasty (yes, it tastes like bacon and ranch) and [...]


Jim Ether – Octopus Painting

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Check out the totally awesome painting that Mrs. PotC commissioned from Jim Ether. This badboy now hangs in the kitchen at our place… and is a pretty good representation of what it’s like when Mrs. PotC cooks in there. Go visit Jimmy’s site and have him make you something!


Stoner Concoction: Fried Shit

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Well, not fried SHIT, but you know, fried stuff.  By shit I mean, junk food. Find some shit, fry it, dump some powdered sugar on it, and eat the fuck out of it. It’s Rodeo time here in Houston, Texas.  We here at Snort Ramen are native Texans, so when we hear the words “Rodeo [...]



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I was in Texas last week, and before I left, my wife asked me to find some Twang flavored salt to bring home. I had forgotten about this stuff, and she was right… you can’t find that stuff in Indiana. After a little bit of searching I finally found some at a convenience store and [...]


Escher Cookies Made with 3D Printed Rollers

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Hi folks. Long time no see. Our excuses for not posting for so long this time around is that I’ve been busy listening to a band called Skraeckoedlan non-stop on repeat for the last month, and HamDog is busy plunging himself into the new Aquaman and Deadpool comics. It’s a typical case of #SnortRamenProblems. You may not [...]