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If you like sour candy, you need to go get your hands on some Zotz. These are like the bastard children of Warheads and Pop Rocks. They’re little Italian candies that are your average hard candy on the outside, but nice and sour. In the center of these sour bombs is a powdery substance that fizzes when hitting your saliva… and just when you thought you were over the sourness, it gets more sour. It’s like your tongue getting an armbar from a pro-wrestler named Captain Sourpants. As you can see in the handy-dandy picture that they come in a variety of flavors, but I can only speak for grape, lemon, and orange (seeing that the he-man box I usually get from Amazon contains only these flavors). So if you like sour candies, these things will kick your sack with sour and leave you wanting more. I haven’t seen them in stores, but Amazon is a good place to get them for a reasonable price.

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