Zapp’s Spicy Cajun Crawtators

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zapps spicy cajun crawtatorsIt is with great pleasure that I share with you today one of my favorite snacks of all time.  I present you with Zapp’s Spicy Cajun Crawtators, the single best potato chip snack on the market.  If you’re unfamiliar with Zapp’s, they are a Louisiana company that started marketing their products with their Cajun heritage.  Some other heavy weights include the Zapp’s Spicy Creole Tomato spiked with Tabasco sauce, or the Voodoo Gumbo potato chip flavor.  All of the flavors I’ve tried are delicious, and the Crawtators are an absolute knockout.  As soon as you open a bag, everything around you changes.  You are now at Mardi Gras and beautiful women are all around you showing you their boobs.  You’re surrounded by pitchers of beer and elbow deep in a table full of zapps spicy creole tomato spiked with tobascozapps voodoo gumbospicy crawfish.  You’re suckin’ heads and twistin’ tails.  You’re feeling buzzed and you’re having an awesome time.  There are few things better in life than hanging out in beautiful weather, getting drunk, and eating crawfish. This is exactly what Zapp’s captures in these outstanding potato chips.  I honestly can’t think of any legitimate reason why someone wouldn’t eat these.  If you’re just weirded out that they actually make chips that taste like crawfish, then clearly you’re missing the whole point of Snort Ramen, and I’m not really sure why you’re here.

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  1. Gas Station Gastronomy

    These looked so good when reviewed them!


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