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snort ramen logoCongratulations! You’ve found Snort Ramen… your friend in the junk food review business. We’re here to tell you exactly why should should put this horrible-for-you, yet tasty crap in your system. You only live once, better clog those arteries while you can. We’ll be reviewing tasty beverages, salty snacks, cavity creators, and spicy food hell. Saddle up and ride, we’re hittin’ the junk food game hard. If you were one of those kids that didn’t like the crust on their “sammies” or didn’t like it when their peas touched their potatos, then this site isn’t for you. We’re tapping the veins for sodas and doing lines of ramen. If you don’t think you can hang with some of these concoctions , you’re gonna get left in the pixie dust.

While we’re in development, please comment with any suggestions for snack reviews or anything that would help make this site better. Thanks for stopping by!

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