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I was in Texas last week, and before I left, my wife asked me to find some Twang flavored salt to bring home. I had forgotten about this stuff, and she was right… you can’t find that stuff in Indiana. After a little bit of searching I finally found some at a convenience store and snagged most of what they had. Let’s just say the dude behind the counter was a little confused as to why a skinny tattooed Yankee sounding white guy was buying so much damn salt.

While this is meant to go with alcoholic beverages like beer and margaritas, Mrs. PotC wanted it so she could put it in her badass cooking and make it badass plus. But on Saturday night I decided to put this stuff to its intended use so I could review it… just for you.

Saturday’s beer menu consisted of Heineken, followed by “fuck it I don’t care anymore” PBRs. I strictly used the lemon lime and lime salts for the Heineken because it’s decent beer and I didn’t want to risk wasting it. But adding Twangerz to Heineken makes it taste like a Dos Equis Special with a lime and it’s really good. You have to be careful because if you add too much salt you’ll certainly taste salt. But the right amount will certainly change up the flavor of your beer.

Now we come to the PBRs. I was already pretty warm and fuzzy, so this was the perfect excuse to use the chili lime and pickle salts in beer… because if it tasted like shit, I’d simply be out a shitty beer or two without compromise to my buzz. I have to say, the chili lime one was actually pretty good! It was like Tex-Mex PBR. It’s not gross like you think it would be, and is something you just have to try. That brings us to the pickle salt… and I know what you’re thinking. “Oh fucking fuck fuck. Pickle PBR? Fuck this site… I’m going to back to dicking around on Facebook.” Hang tight… because I thought the same thing. But really, the pickle salt isn’t all that bad either. I wouldn’t go out of my way to get this stuff to have on hand for beer, but it wasn’t horrible either. Adding just a slight amount does give you a slight pickle flavor, but it’s not so overwhelming and more interesting than it is oogie. I think this stuff would get more bang for it’s buck on meat or some other savory dish.

My biggest beef with Twangerz in beer is that it causes your beer to foam up and explode out of the top. At one point I had to compromise my masculinity and throw my mouth over the bottle because beer was about to shoot all over the room. It made me feel dirty and violated… and for that Twangerz loses points. Otherwise, next time you’re in Texas you should get some Twangerz and kick your fizzy yellow beer up a notch.

Lemon Lime and Lime Twangerz:

Chili Lime Twangerz:

Pickle Twangerz:


5 Responses to “Twangerz”

  1. Lady P.o.t.C

    I must say, seeing the man ‘o’ the house dive on a beer and thrust it several inches into his mouth in .0001 seconds was one of the funnier things I’ve ever seen. I tried a sip of his lemon-lime-salt Heineken, but blecch! I’m putting my Twang on chicken, homemade tortilla chips, popcorn, and licking it off of my hand like a sane person, thanks very much.

  2. Tex in DE looking for some damn twangerz pickle salt
  3. Julene

    Dude, it’s meant for snacks and food like your wife uses it. Not alcohol. It just happened to make it in that market too since people use salt, lemons, and limes, when they make margaritas and do shots and things. Rolls it all together. As for the kids down here, it’s more like a candy like treat for them. When I was younger (now 22) it was the Lucas brand we loved. It was discontinued due to a high lead content or some crap. We ate so much it was like a drug to us. We craved it. Don’t get too crazy with it. Trust me it’s not good. You’ll hurt yourself. Texan, born, raised and stayin.

    • Hamdog

      I’m 29 and grew up in Houston, TX and we used to buy Lucas from the ice cream man and eat it straight. And you’re right, it was like a drug. You would always push it to the limit to see how much sour your buds could handle. Lucas is still around by the way. If you try hitting up a Fiesta grocery store you should find it. And while it might taste better on snacks and food, a lot people do use this stuff in beer to make Micheladas. Not really my thing though. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Texas Gal

    Twangerz are for snacks. Beer Salt (Twanger’s sister brand) is ment for beer.


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