The Tiny SpaghettiO’s

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little spaghettios

You know them all too well… those goddamn tiny rings in a can of SpaghettiO’s. Why the fuck did they make these? Usually they just slide or fall off of your fork, and when you get to the end of your can, they’re a bitch to scoop up. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Well, use a spoon, moron.” Can’t do that. See, if I ever buy something such as a can of pasta, and there’s an option next to it on the shelf with meat added to it… I’m going for the meat. And you don’t really eat meatballs with a spoon. You fork that shit. So with fork in hand, it’s damn near impossible to get all of those little SpaghettiO’s. Even if you poke the tongs of the fork through the centers, the amount of time it takes for so few rings is just stupid. I think I’ve got a case of First World Problems.

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