The Super-Secret Rally’s 15% Discount

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Hi folks. Planetofthecrepes here. I’m here today to tell you about something that’s mind-blowingly amazing about one of America’s greatest fast food joints: Rally’s (or Checker’s in some places). It’s the super secret and magical 15% discount that’s always available upon request.

I know what you’re thinking: “You’re out of your fuckin’ mind, PotC.” Yeah, I thought the same thing about the person who told me about this (and he’s Canadian on top of that… so super skepticism ensued). But hitting up a Rally’s with him a while back, he ordered his food and just said at the end of his order “…and may I get the 15% discount with that?” Lo and behold, his $4 meal was $3.64. No “Yes sir!” or a secret wink and handshake… that’s just what rang up! Amazeballs! It’s been tested a few times and it’s fact… the 15% discount works.

My buddy who showed me this said that he thinks (but says he could be totally wrong) that at one time if you had some special sticker on your car, you got the discount. After a while the stickers went away and the 15% discount kept truckin’ and was just this unspoken super-deal. I’m not sure if Checker’s offers this, but Rally’s sure as hell does. We want you to try this at your local Rally’s or Checker’s and let us know if it works. Get your discount on.

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