The Fine Art of Fat-Kidding

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fatkiddingFat-kidding. This is not a term that you use when you look at your fat-ass in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re skinny. It’s quite the opposite.

This is a term that Team Snort Ramen uses rather often. The definition of fat-kidding is:

Fat-Kidding (verb) \’fat-kid-ding\ – When one reaches the ass-end of a bag of chips where only small crumbs and chip pieces are left, and the consumer tips up the bottom of the bag up and pours the remnants into his or her mouth

Unless you want to look like a dirty kindergartner that smears chip dust and grease all over your fancypants iPad, fat-kidding is the way to polish off a bag of chips. You have to be careful, because it’s easy to overshoot and pour chip bits all over your face and down your shirt. This method works best when you have cleared out all easily grabbable chips bits and you have an amount you know will fit in your mouth. Pour in too much in, and when you pull the bag back… chips fall everywhere. But if done properly, you will not have wasted anything, and you then get to Skype your friends and co-workers saying “I just fat-kidded this bag of chips.” This then sparks inquiry and spreads the word about having no shame in fat-kidding. Fat-kid on, my friends.

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