The Behemoth Burger

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behemothHol-ee shit! Now THIS is 100% pure Snort Ramen material! What you see here is the goddamn Behemoth Burger made by the Grilll ‘Em All foodtruck… aka greatest food truck idea ever. If it hasn’t clicked up in your skull walnut yet, it’s a heavy metal themed food truck out in LA that rocks burgers such as the High On Fire and the Napalm Death. You can also get a side of No More Mr. Nice Fries. Brilliant.

This motherfucker is a hamburger, but with grilled cheese buns. The Behemoth also boasts BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, pickles, bacon and beer soaked onions. G’dayum! Ok, so I’ve never had a Behemoth burger… but I’ve had my share of burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, and have nearly blown the speakers in my truck listening to Slaves Shall Serve back in the day. So I have a pretty good idea what this monster would be like (if you envisioned a skinny tattooed white guy headbanging in a Ford Ranger with this burger in hand… you’re on the ball).

Since LA is like 2,051 miles away… I probably won’t have a legit Behemoth Burger any day soon. But that doesn’t mean I can’t make my fuckin’ own! One of these nights I’ll give this thing a whirl, consult with Mrs. PotC on how to make it more awesome, and knuckle down on this bad boy until my heart stops. So I can’t really give this any honest BEC’s since I’ve never actually had one, but I’m sure this would either be 5 BEC’s or super close. Have YOU had a Behemoth Burger? Tell us about it! But please spare us your post Behemoth Burger terlit stories.

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