Thank You, Four Loko!

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margarita four lokoBack in August I sent Four Loko’s corporate office a letter expressing my gratitude and also suggesting they explore the idea of a Bacon flavor Four Loko.  Of course I was only half way serious, I just wanted some site content and to see what would happen.  Well one of the partners of Phusion Projects which is the holding company for Four Loko emailed me back saying thanks for my input and he would look into bacon four loko (liar).  He also said if I sent a copy of my ID to show that I’m over 21, he’d hook me up with some Loko swag.  That post and those letters can be found right here. It looks as though instead of taking my advice they went with the Margarita flavor, which they announced earlier this month and should be on the shelves soon. New flavors are cool, but personally I think Loko already has enough lemon/lime citrus type flavors.

fuck yeah

So here we are late January and I still haven’t received my Loko swag, so I shoot the big wig at Phusion Projects another email just to say hi and I can’t wait to try the new flavor, then I had to sneak in “by the way, what happen to the swag you were gonna send? I sent my ID to you in September…” He responded within 5 minutes saying “I’m so sorry, I don’t know how that fell through the cracks.” 3 days later and a box of swag arrives on my doorstep. Thank You, Four Loko! They could have very easily have told me to fuck off, but I pestered them, they apologized, and they delivered.  My care package included a t-shirt, sunglasses, trucker cap, and a sweet glove/koozie.  Now I’m ready to get Loko for the Super Bowl. FUCK YEAH!

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  1. Arturo Blair

    That’s awesome! Now you can suit up in fine Four Loko style! Fashion post?


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