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New Lay’s Chip Flavors Mega Review

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Sup, minions. PlanetoftheCrepes here with the almighty Hamdog to review the 3 new Lay’s potato chip flavors. Two days ago we gone done told you about these hitting the shelves, and today Hamdog and I got our grubby mits on each type. I was able to score the Siracha and Cheesy Garlic Bread chips, while [...]


J&D’s/The Oatmeal Sriracha Popcorn

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As we mentioned before, HamDog and I are true to the Sriracha Rooster Sauce and have been for quite some time. It’s awesome that The Oatmeal’s Matt Inman has taken it upon himself to tell everyone about the glory that is Sriracha chili sauce… and everyone certainly needs to know about it. This dude writes [...]


Book Review: The Sriracha Cookbook by Randy Clemens

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This is the Sriracha Cookbook written by Randy Clemens. It’s a collection of “50 Rooster Sauce Recipes that pack a punch”. Oh fuck yeah! We here at Snort Ramen love our Sriracha, and this book gets our approval. Now we know what you’re thinking… “Oh whatever, guys. I bet you just really like The Oatmeal [...]