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twix icecream bars

Twix Ice Cream Bars

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One of the world’s most amazing candy bars is the Twix bar. The combination of cookie, caramel, and chocolate… it just reeks of win. It does more than reek of win, it’s crafted entirely of win and wizardry. Twix have stood the test of time and destroy just about any other candy bar that comes [...]

the fizz ice cream float cup

Stoner Concoction: The Fizz

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Last night I watched a rerun episode of ABC’s Shark Tank. In this particular episode there was an entrepreneur by the name of David Chodosh, a 51 year old toy maker who showed off a really neat product called “The Fizz”. It’s a fun product that combines the divine combination of soda pop and ice [...]

astronaut cookies and cream ice cream sandwich

Astronaut Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sandwich

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As I was cruising through Space City in my H2 Hummer Jet Hover Craft Limousine, I began to get a little hungry.  But I was not jonesing for the regular junk that normal people eat.  I needed something a little more uplifting.  Something a little more galactic.  Something “out of this world”.  I removed my [...]