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mr goodbar

Mr Goodbar

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That’s right. Mr. Goodbar. I’ll be honest, the name and the packaging for this candy bar have never captivated me. In fact, it’s been a while since I’ve even had a Mr. Goodbar… and when I’d see these things at the convenient store I’d scoff at them. “Pffft!” I’d say to the Mr. Goodbars while [...]

hershey's cookies n' creme

Hershey’s Cookies n’ Creme

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Some people like white chocolate. Some people like extreme bitter chocolate. Today we’re delving into the world of white chocolate. The Hershey’s Cookies N’ Creme bar is the crack-cocaine of the candy bar world. If you ever woke up and said “You know what? I want to FEEL my cavities forming and be soothed at [...]

nestle crunch hershey's krackel

Chocolate & Crisped Rice Candy

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Chocolate bars with crisped rice. You have to wonder who the genius was that decided to put crisped rice into chocolate. That person deserves a bronze statue of them riding a towering stallion with a battleaxe in hand, with a plaque that says “I Hope To Fuck You’re Thankful, Earth.” Now while there’s nothing wrong [...]