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m&m's pretzel

M&M’s Pretzel

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I walked into the corner store and looked around for a bit for something to review.  Everything I thought about getting was a Doritos snack and/or Mexican snack, which we’ve been doing too much of lately.  So I began to panic.  “Fuck, I wanted to try those Tapatio Doritos so bad, but what will the [...]

hershey's cookies n' creme

Hershey’s Cookies n’ Creme

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Some people like white chocolate. Some people like extreme bitter chocolate. Today we’re delving into the world of white chocolate. The Hershey’s Cookies N’ Creme bar is the crack-cocaine of the candy bar world. If you ever woke up and said “You know what? I want to FEEL my cavities forming and be soothed at [...]

zotz candy


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If you like sour candy, you need to go get your hands on some Zotz. These are like the bastard children of Warheads and Pop Rocks. They’re little Italian candies that are your average hard candy on the outside, but nice and sour. In the center of these sour bombs is a powdery substance that [...]

nestle crunch hershey's krackel

Chocolate & Crisped Rice Candy

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Chocolate bars with crisped rice. You have to wonder who the genius was that decided to put crisped rice into chocolate. That person deserves a bronze statue of them riding a towering stallion with a battleaxe in hand, with a plaque that says “I Hope To Fuck You’re Thankful, Earth.” Now while there’s nothing wrong [...]

heavenly hash eggs

Heaveny Hash Egg

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The Heavenly Hash Egg is a recent discovery for me. They get sent to my office from one of our remote workers in Texas. What this thing consists of is a fluffy marshmallowy goo, laced with almonds (big and small), and covered in chocolate. If the StayPuft Marshmallow Man picked his nose, this is what [...]